Its location was not exactly in the center of town, but a small village which is 4km from the city of Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara is already very shiny name. It's known, Sekarbela since long ago famous as the hometown of pearl. Wow, just imagine, pearl! Jewelry lovers will surely enjoy a visit to Sekarbela, because dozens of jewelry stores lined exhibit various types of pearl sheen. Prices tend to be skewed compared to similar products in other areas, plus offer a variety of other types of jewelry made ​​from gold, silver and other precious stones, the more enriching belanja.Sekarbela choice is actually a name of one environment (the Java more familiar call it a hamlet, red) in the administrative region Karang Pule, Ampenan District, Mataram. Once entering the main road in the village Sultan Kaharudin stret - you will be greeted by a row of shops that once functioned as a showroom various kinds of precious jewelry, either gold, silver, amethyst, sapphire, and of course pearls that are excellent primary.

Types of pearls which attracted many visitors most of which type of freshwater pearls because they are relatively much cheaper.

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  1. wow sekarbela with pearls, eager to visit there

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