3 Gili

Lombok has 3 islands in the West Lombok area commonly called the Gili. Gili Terawangan , Gili Meno and Gili Air ... where many foreign tourists said they were very impressed with this place. They can enjoy the natural beauty of the underwater because they can dive to enjoy the beauty trumbu corals and ornamental ads which certainly is preserved. to be able to get to Gili they had to cross by using Traditional Boat. Gili has been available hotels and cafes that can certainly make the tourists into a vacation home here. Full Moon Party became routine agenda for the owners of the resorts here. 3 Gili is not far from town, just one hour to travel then you have come to the dock and ready to cross over to Gili. On Gili not allowed to operate motor vehicles so it can be said that Gili free from air pollution.

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